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Real Name

Dirk Losander


His title: Master of the Art of Levitation.


Magician, Inventor

Place of Birth



6′ 3″




Dirty Blonde


Losander possesses the ability to magically float various objects on stage, and is considered a specialist in the art of levitation and animation.

Interesting Fact

Losander’s famous floating table illusion was inspired by magic legendTommy Wonder’s floating birdcage effect.

Favorite quotes: “Move before you are ready,” “Fortune favors the bold.”

Dirk Losander was born on April 10, 1969, and grew up in Winkels, Hessen, Germany.

He first took interest in magic at the age of eight years old, when his grandfather had a friend who was a female magician.

She taught him the fundamentals of magic and young Losander never looked back ever since.

Having short hair and glasses, Losander wanted to reinvent himself.

He wanted to portray a modern wizard for his stage acts, so he ditched the glasses, grew out his hair and donned a long overcoat.

His wife, Luna Shimada, also a magician, was instrumental in helping Losander evolve his stage persona. Losander also learned a great deal from Finn Jon and Salvano.

He developed a myriad of levitating routines involving various objects, including his popular manipulation of bubbles and his famous levitating table act.

Since then, Losander has performed across three continents, and has worked his magic in exclusive venues from some of the finest variety theaters in Europe, to the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

He has performed three years in the “World’s Greatest Magic Show” in Las Vegas.

In 2006, Losander was honored with the Milbourne Christopher Award for “Illusionist of the Year,” and “Notable Contributions to the Art of Magic.”

Losander is an accomplished inventor of magic, who’s creative thinking refined the art of levitation.

He created “Losander’s Floating Table” which changed how people performed levitation the 21st century, and his effects have been incorporated into many top magicians’ repertoire, including David Copperfield.

Losander has also produced a number of teaching DVDs in the art of magic, including “The Art of Levitation, volumes 1-3,” “Magic Anytime Anywhere” and “Animate Me.”

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Master of the Art of Levitation

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